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some thoughts on pancakes

July 18th, 2003

I like pancakes. My wife made me try these frozen pancakes from Krusteaz yesterday, and while I was hesitant to try “fake” pancakes, I have to admit, they were pretty darn good!

I was watching an old episode of Family Guy the other day where little Stewie got his first taste of pancakes. He sums up my love for pancakes in this quote:
(from Family Guy Episode 11: http://www.southperk.com/e11.html )

Mitch Hedberg with some deep thoughts on pancakes:

“As a comedian, you have to start your act out strong, but you also have to save some of the good stuff for later… You can’t be like pancakes, all exciting at first, but by the end you’re fuckin’ sick of ‘em.” —Mitch Hedburg

I added that last dash since Mitch said he always wanted to be quoted with a dash. Go buy his CD, it’s pretty damn funny. Better yet, go see him live *editorial note: this post was originally written 2 years before Mitch passed away*
The best pancakes I’ve ever had were at Joann’s Country Kitchen Too in Modesto, CA. Pancakes as big as the 20 inch rims in a rap video.