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some things should only be bought new…

February 15th, 2008

I must have registered for this auction house in the past, because every now and then I get emails from cowanalexander.com about an upcoming auction of business assets.

Their recent auction announcement email caught my eye when I read this disturbing inventory item:

You read that right. A “gently used” Olympus Colonscope.

gently used colonscope
First, I hope that all colonscopes are used gently.

Second, I don’t want to be at the ghetto gastroenterologist’s office that had to buy a used colonscope. They should definitely have to have a disclaimer somewhere about that.

This is an actual auction, and you can be the proud owner of this colonscope by registering to bid at cowanalexander.com

Here’s the full list of items for sale in this auction.

There’s already a $50 bid for this like new item. Surely my nether regions deserve a more expensive camera than that!