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iphone camera – where’s the hype?

June 29th, 2007

I’m a bit behind on the iphone hype. After seeing a story on the yahoo.com frontpage today, I decided to re-check it out at apple.com.

This video pretty much sold me. I can’t believe I spent 20 minutes watching a commercial.

It seemed to have so many features that gave me that “duh, why didn’t they do this 10 years ago with cellphones”

But the one thing that stood out the most was the fact that the Apple iphone camera features are not prominently featured on the site.

It’s briefly mentioned in the video tour when they are talking about the photo gallery features, but they never show the iphone camera in action anywhere. There’s no specs (that I can find) on the camera feature and I can’t even tell if it has a video feature.

This probably means one of 2 things. Either:

The iphone camera features are super mega sucky


They have more hype up their sleeves.

At first I thought it was the former, but the more I think it about it, I’m guessing it’s the latter.

I was pretty surprised to see a “youtube button” on the standard iphone menu interface. That says a lot about the importance of youtube today. YouTube has a button on the most popular gadget of 2007.

It’s pretty clear that Apple and Google are pretty buddy buddy on this new toy. Google is the default search (yes, it can be changed), Google Maps is heavily featured (has its own button), Gmail is supported out of the box (along with Yahoo mail), and YouTube (owned by Google) is prominently featured.

Over 16% of all the standard buttons on the iphone are tied to Google 🙂

I’m thinking that the full coolosity behind the photo/video features of the iphone have yet to be revealed.

Wireless 1 button youtube video uploads?

What I’d really love to see:

Easy photo capture and wireless sending via Google’s HELLO instant messenger.

HELLO is easily the most underrated app out there today. It is the best instant messenger for sending photos and just plain chat. If you haven’t used HELLO, go try it today. You can send a 5MB photo to your family or business partner in seconds.

If the iPhone turns out to have those features, I’ll dump Verizon tomorrow and jump on the Apple bandwagon…early contract termination fees and all.

I wonder how many subscribers Verizon will lose to this new tech meme?

happy birthday to me

March 1st, 2005

After all my indecision between buying an HP 7960 or an Epson 2200 photo printer, I ended up buying an HP Photosmart 8450.

I must have been stuck in the dark ages when it comes to photo printers. I seriously thought I would see fine lines or dot pixels when I printed out a photo from my Canon EOS 10D. The prints from this printer are professional lab quality. I held the print side-by-side from a print I got from ofoto, and I couldn’t tell the difference.

My birthday is coming up this week, and although I’ve already received a free ipod, a free ipod shuffle and a free flatscreen from GratisNetwork, I’m still hoping they’ll come through for me and deliver a free 60 GB photo ipod to my door this month. I only need a few more people to signup through my link 🙂

It’s good to see all the old “regulars” checking into the WebDiscuss newsgroup. Maybe soon we can start putting the “Discuss” back in WebDiscuss. I miss those days…

HP 7960 vs epson 2200

January 21st, 2004

After reading a few review sites, I’m thinking about getting the HP PhotoSmart Printer 7960.

I’ve also read rave reviews about the Epson 2200 photo printer, and now I’m at a dilemma about which one to purchase for my digital prints.

This will be strictly a photo printer (I have another printer for text stuff).

Any thoughts on which one to choose?

dude, I’m getting a Mirra

January 21st, 2004

I think every home should have this:

canon eos digital rebel

December 1st, 2003

I recently bought a Canon EOS 10D Digital Camera because we recently had our first child and I wanted to get the best shots of my beautiful new daughter as possible.

I already had a 35mm Canon EOS Rebel for many years, so I already had a lens that would fit this digital camera (the 35mm lenses fit this Digital SLR camera).

Just my luck, Canon recently introduced the Canon EOS Digital Rebel for about $500 cheaper than the already inexpensive DSLR that I bought a few months back.

If you are even close to being a photo hobbyist or you ready to take the next step past point and shoot, the Canon EOS Digital Rebel is the camera for you. A 6.3 megapixel digital single lens reflex camera for under $1000 is just about unheard of. Add to the the Canon quality that they put into all their cameras and you’ll see why this is the digicam to have in 2004.

Add it to your wish list. You’ll love it.

They also have great deals at Tiger Direct.