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February 14th, 2006

How It All Started – Join the Discussion

We are a group of people who met over the course of a couple of years of discussions in a public newsgroup. This is our website with various useful bits about us and about what goes on in the discussion.

We are mostly professionals in various internet-related fields, such as web design, graphics, programming etc. But this doesn’t mean you have to be a nerd to join.

We have a wide representation of age groups (I think once it ranged from as little as 13 and up to 50+) amongst our regular members.

We are prepared to discuss anything ranging from technology to politics, programming to religion, scanners to chairs, Bill Gates to Adolf Hitler (funny how names spring to mind together eh?) …

We have a wide geographical representation. I think we’re missing Antartica so far, but we still got hopes.

We will gladly flame to the final keystroke on classic themes like OS wars, browser wars, mailtool wars and not-so-classic themes.

We will also gladly discuss the guts of search engines, the latest software/hardware or how to solve someone’s programming question. We have graphics experts, search engine experts, perl experts, unix experts, NT experts… for about anything related to the internet we have at least one person who’s been there and done it.

We will happily accept HTML posts, binary posts, silly posts, boring posts, flaming posts, bad language or whatever. It’s free speech here and it’s a free newsgroup. You are free to say what you want to say, and others are free to reply to you as they deem appropriate.

We have no rulers, moderators or big-boys here. There are regulars who have been here for years, but this does not mean their say counts more than anybody else’s.

We never sleep. We post a lot.

Join the Discussion

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